Shipping & Support

How do you ship packages?

We use USPS to deliver all of our packages. If you have a U.S. address that is served by the U.S. Postal Service—including PO Boxes—then your address should work for us. We do not currently ship out of the country.

How long does it take to ship my order?

Most orders ship within one business day; Saturday orders typically ship on Monday. If we’re off bagging peaks ourselves, there could occasionally be a delay of 2-3 days. Our orders come with USPS tracking.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Please return it to us (PO Box 3794, Boulder, CO  80307) along with your contact information and the name associated with the order, and we will refund your purchase price.

What's the best way to reach Top Peak?

The best way to reach us is through email, You are welcome to call us (720.295.3357) but you might get voicemail. You can always write us at PO Box 3794, Boulder, CO  80307. We love to hear from our customers!

General & Wholesale

How many Colorado 14ers are there?

Well, in the past people used to say 54 (or sometimes “53+North Maroon, out of tradition”), Top Peak now subscribes to the belief that there are 58. But it’s complicated:  if you define a “peak” as requiring 300 feet of vertical separation from another peak (so-called “prominence”), then there are 53 fourteeners (to make 58, the other five are Cameron, North Eolus, El Diente, Conundrum, and North Maroon). Entire articles have been written on this topic. We just go with the flow and make sure that our customers have a pin for every peak.

How many Adirondack 46ers are there?

There are 46 ADK peaks traditionally thought to be higher than 4,000 feet, though better survey methods have lowered the elevation of four of the peaks to below the threshold—but they are still considered to be on the list of peaks kept by the Adirondack Forty-Sixers organization.

How did you pick the elevations of the pins?

Peak elevations seem to depend on which source you use. Some of our pins list the elevation commonly cited—Pikes Peak, for example, was 14,110 feet for years—then it became 14,115’ and now is officially 14,107’ according to NOAA’s latest National Geodetic Survey. Moving forward, we will use NOAA’s “official” elevations published in 2024. Until we transition every peak over to the new standard (that is, selling off existing inventory and remaking the dies that stamp the pins), please expect the elevations to vary slightly from other published sources (like and Wikipedia).  The good news: no one really cares about the exact elevation; you climbed the peak; good job!

Do I actually have to summit in order to buy that peak’s pin?

Yes, unless you are buying a pin for a friend who has summited, or if you just really like the design—in which case you may go ahead and buy the pin without guilt.  However, if you drove to the top of Pikes Peak and hiked 100 feet to the summit while wearing cowboy boots then signed your name to the register, please add 25% surcharge. Ha!

What if I have an idea for a product?

Please email it to us at We are always looking for ideas—especially in the realm of stickers,  popular “special places” that highlight a local area, and anything that celebrates outdoor adventure.

How can I earn a free pin?

Send us a photo of your Top Peak products in use (pins on your backpack, stickers on your laptop, etc.), give us permission to repost the photo on our social media, and we will send you a free pin of your choice.

May I distribute your products?

Hopefully yes, but it depends if another retailer is already selling our gear within a few miles of your shop. We are always looking to expand our retail network and would love to partner with stores in areas where we do not yet have a bricks-and-mortar presence (e.g., Durango, Grand Junction, anywhere in the Adirondacks). If you have a mountain sports/camping supply store or are on the tourist path, you’ll probably do very well with our line. 

Who is your artist?

We have several artists and feature them on our Artists page. Your purchase helps support the arts!

Where are your pins made?

The hard enamel pins are hand-painted in China.

What steps has Top Peak taken to lessen its environmental footprint?

Top Peak recycles, uses a manufacturer that meets California’s strict environmental standards, minimizes packaging, and prints its cardbacks on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.

Why does Top Peak have wildlife pins?

Because we like wildlife and it is part of the outdoor adventure experience! We started with our hummingbird design and have since added a moose, wolf, loon, and another hummingbird (this one found in the Adirondacks). Please write us at and let us know what wildlife you want us to add (the growing list includes marmots, bighorn sheep, trout, picas, grizzly bear, and more). 

Has Top Peak considered selling pins for all the states’ “high points”?

Yes—and hats off to those of you bagging all the high points! Even though we already sell pins for Marcy (NY) and Elbert (CO), we’re not sure there are enough of you checking off, say, Kansas (Mount Sunflower!) and Florida (Britton Hill, the lowest high point of them all!) to make producing a full collection worthwhile.  That said, look for Top Peak to add some outstanding examples such as Denali (AK), Katahdin (ME), Washington (NH), Mauna Kea (HI), Rainier (WA), and others. Email to share which high point you would like us to add.

Hey, why don’t you have pins featuring the California 14ers?

Hey, we plan to add Whitney and Shasta as a start. Despite many of California’s highest peaks being remote and/or technical, some small group of climbers is no doubt checking them off the list. If you are checking off the California list, we salute you! 

Do you still have any of the “old” hang-tag cardbacks with the Chinese character?

Yes, but not for all peaks. In May, 2024, we switched to a new card design. We understand that some of you may have a collection of pins based on the old card design and you don’t want to change; if that is the case, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your request for “old” cards. In the alternative, we are happy to send you whatever new cards you need as replacements so that your collection matches, no charge. Congrats on climbing so many peaks!


How can my non-profit group work with Top Peak on fundraising?

Student or nonprofit groups can prepay for our products at a significant discount then resell them at full retail price—keeping the profit. Ask us for details: We love helping like-minded organizations make money to support the cause!

What if I have an idea for a product?

Please email it to us at We are always looking for ideas—especially in the realm of stickers,  popular “special places” that highlight a local area, and anything that celebrates outdoor adventure.

What does it mean to “celebrate outdoor adventure”?

Top Peak started with a line of pins celebrating Colorado’s tallest peaks (we have since expanded to include the Adirondack 46ers). We are honored to be part of your peakbagging successes and now want to expand that good feeling to other sports like mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and more. Let us know your favorite outdoor adventure at

Why is Top Peak concerned with supporting Search and Rescue?

Steve got involved in mountain search and rescue (“SAR”) back in high school. He has helped rescue people and has also, sadly, been involved with body recoveries. We want all of you to come home safe at the end of your outdoor adventure—but if something does happen to you, we want to help make sure that trained, properly equipped groups are ready to mobilize and come to your assistance. Our sometimes lighthearted SAR stickers are designed to spread a safety message. Have fun, be safe, and leave inspired!

To what groups do you donate?

Top Peak donates to groups working to preserve and protect the peaks we love to climb, groups like the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative and the Adirondack 46ers. We also support mountain search and rescue groups through our line of Search and Rescue stickers. If you know of a worthy group who could use a small donation, please send your suggestion to