Our Artists

We would like to use this opportunity to highlight and thank the artists that design our products. They are amazing!

Anna Polonsky

Anna Polonsky is a seasoned creative force whose passion for the outdoors and artistic expression converge in her remarkable work. In an ongoing creative collaboration with Top Peak, Anna has crafted a captivating array of collectible pins. Her notable series, including the Adirondack High Peak collection (ADK46), Wildlife, and Special Places, showcase her profound appreciation for nature's beauty and her relentless pursuit of overcoming its challenges.

As a globetrotter and enthusiastic hiker, Anna draws inspiration from her firsthand experiences in the wilderness, channeling the vibrancy of her surroundings into her artistry. Her illustrations not only reflect the awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife she encounters but also serve as a catalyst for others to embrace outdoor exploration, connect with nature, and conquer some of its most challenging splendors. 

Sarah Chesnutt

Sarah Chesnutt is a graphic designer and art director based out of Boulder, Colorado for more than twenty years. She enjoys outdoor adventure sports year-round. When indoors,she’s always got a creative project or three in the works! See her work at Sarah Chesnutt.

Lauren Giusti

Most of Top Peak’s original Colorado 14ers pins were designed by Lauren Giusti. By creatively capturing the essence of each peak in about one square inch, her art has been the foundation of our company for more than two decades.